Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sea Launch sends Intelsat 27 to equator for launch

The Intelsat 27 broadband satellite is on its way aboard a Sea Launch vessel for its January 30, 2013 (Pacific Standard Time) launch aboard a Zenit-3SL rocket.

Intelsat 27 will be sharing the 304.5 degrees East orbital position with the Intelsat 805 and Galaxy 11 satellites.

Built upon the Boeing 702MP platform, the Intelsat 27 is a geostationary broadband satellite with a planned service life of at least 15 years. It will carry a UHF communications payload for military customers and will be able to deliver satellite broadband services to customers in North America, South America, the Atlantic Ocean, and Europe.

The successful launch of Intelsat 27 will complete the first global broadband mobility platform in the world. The Intelsat satellite will deliver uninterrupted satellite broadband connectivity to terrestrial, maritime, and airborne customers. 

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