Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Telefonica Chooses the KA-SAT of Eutelsat for Internet Service

Telefonica Global Solutions, a Spanish broadband and telecommunications provider, will be making use of the high-performance KA-SAT satellite of Eutelsat to provide high quality satellite broadband services to carriers all throughout Europe.

The company intends on utilizing the capacity of KA-SAT to suggest solutions to European carriers that are as dependable and competitive in prices as terrestrial broadband services. Telefonica Global Solutions also aims on bringing high-speed Internet service to carriers all over Europe, especially in areas that cannot be reached by terrestrial broadband networks, such as urban belts or rural areas that do not have access to terrestrial with fully diversified backup solutions.

In a statement, Telefonica Director of the Satellite Services Business Unit José Antonio Guerra said, “The bid for Eutelsat Ka-band is the logical step for the evolution of the business of data communications via satellite in Europe, where land-based infrastructures have increasing capillarity. KA-SAT will allow us to offer high quality services at competitive prices, allowing us to update our catalogue of services for operators and corporations. It also allows us to complement the overall strategy of the Telefonica Group providing another access technology for services such as M2M or iHealth.”

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