Sunday, November 25, 2012

MP champions rural areas in British push for national broadband

A member of the British Parliament urges the government to devote special attention to rural areas plagued with abysmal ADSL connections for its national broadband plan.

MP Graham Stuart, the representative of Beverley and Holderness, has encouraged his constituents to raise whatever issue they have with their access to fast and reliable Internet.

In an interview with ITV News, Mr. Stuart expressed his belief that the government must assist regions that lack a strong commercial incentive to provide broadband. This can come in the form of more traditional optic fiber and wireless services, as well as the new satellite Internet option.

Mr. Stuart took heart in the recent decision by the European Union to approve Britain's plan to provide broadband connectivity to rural regions. The MP urged that the government begin ensuring broadband access in rural areas within the East Riding.

There is a concern that small and medium-sized enterprises in Britain might lag behind their foreign counterparts if they do not receive a chance to partake of the digital advancements of recent years, innovations such as broadband Internet by satellite and other, more traditional ways of delivering connectivity.

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